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Clean Power appoints DLM as steam engineering consultant

Clean Power appoints DLM as steam engineering consultant

Calgary, Alberta, Canada. March 27, 2008. Clean Power Technologies Inc. (OTC BB:CPWE.OB; Frankfurt, XETRA:C1L), developer of a unique heat recovery and hybrid power system to reduce vehicle emissions, is pleased to announce that it has agreed terms for steam technology specialist Dampflokomotiv-und Maschinenfabrik DLM AG (“DLM”) to act as a consultant for the further development of the Company’s Clean Energy Storage and Recovery (‘CESAR’) technology.

The partnership with DLM will be instrumental in the continuing development, validation and commercialisation of the CESAR system. DLM will provide consultancy, design engineering and stress test related services.

DLM is a pioneer in all aspects of the development of modern-day steam engines and steam locomotives. Based in Switzerland, DLM has gained a global reputation through its extensive experience in steam transport projects around the world.

Roger Waller, President and CEO of DLM, said: “We are specialists in modern steam traction and have already successfully developed and built innovative steam locomotive and ship engines. Our steam technology allows for clean and environmentally friendly traction and we are very pleased to secure this partnership opportunity with Clean Power for the application of modern steam technology that will create direct economic, environment and compliance benefits in a range of different end uses.”

Abdul Mitha, President and CEO of Clean Power, said: “DLM will bring unique experience and expertise to our company and we are confident that this will enable Clean Power to accelerate our project development plan, leading to even better fuel economy improvements than the 40% already witnessed at our UK test facility.

“As we move through the R&D timeline, key personnel are required to support Clean Power’s progression to its initial truck refrigeration market. The overall global truck market is growing at 8% each year and there are already over 7 million refrigerated trailers in the US alone. Finding additional steam engineers with appropriate analytical skills and practical experience, combined with a background of production engineering, is proving hard. We are, therefore, extremely pleased to be collaborating with DLM which, through its worldwide experience of innovative steam transport projects, has the people and expertise that Clean Power Technologies requires."


Clean Power Technologies is committed to developing hybrid fuel technology and alternative fuel for a range of vehicles, including locomotives, heavy trucks and light cars. The Company’s proprietary technology significantly reduces pollution through its Clean Energy Storage and Recovery (CESAR) system, which takes otherwise wasted heat from the exhaust of a conventional combustion engine and modifies it through a heat recovery system to generate clean power for the vehicle.

The Company boasts a highly experienced engineering team, whose vision and technical capabilities are driving the development and implementation of this unique hybrid fuel technology.

Clean Power Technologies operates out of its development facility in Newhaven, East Sussex. In 2006, testing of the CSEAR system began on a Mazda RX8 passenger vehicle engine, with trials on a second identical engine commencing later that year. In June 2007 testing also began on a Caterpillar C18 diesel engine to explore applications, such as auxiliary power and trailer refrigeration, within the industrial vehicle and truck industries. Testing on the CESAR process began in late October 2007, with initial results already recording a 40% improvement in fuel efficiency.

The Company listed on XETRA on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in October 2006, and is also traded on the OTC Bulletin Board in the US.


Clean Power’s Clean Energy Storage and Recovery (CESAR) technology is designed to increase vehicle fuel economy and reducing emissions by capturing, storing and reusing otherwise wasted heat from the exhaust of a conventional combustion engine. A heat exchanger captures waste energy, which is then stored in the form of steam in an accumulator, for ‘on demand’ use either in the same ‘primary’ engine, or in a secondary vapour engine. Power can be produced solely by the secondary vapour engine even after the primary combustion engine has shut down.

The CESAR system can be used to power auxiliary truck systems, such as trailer refrigeration and cab cooling or heating, in regulatory ‘no idle’ and ‘quiet’ zones. In addition to initial truck applications, CESAR can be further applied in Clean Power’s well developed passenger car programme in addition to having longer-term potential in the locomotive and marine sectors.

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