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CPV to collaborate with Micro-homes Developer in Sweden



-          ClearVue signs Collaboration Agreement with Attefallshus AB

-          ClearVue and Attefallshus to collaborate on projects in Scandinavia to integrate the ClearVue products and technology into Attefallshus’s micro-homes

-          Attefallshus was founded by Niklas Madden a leader in the micro-home / tiny-home movement in Scandinavia

-          Attefallshus was showcased at the Boston GreenFest Event 16-18 August 2019 where ClearVue showed with AquaGgen Infrastructure Systems Inc.


20 August 2019: Smart building materials company ClearVue Technologies Limited (ASX:CPV) (“ClearVue” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce the signing of a Collaboration Agreement with leading Swedish micro-home[i] developer Attefallshus AB (“Attefallshus”).


Under the agreement the parties will collaborate together with the intent that Attefallshus will integrate the ClearVue PV solar window products into its mini-homes and other construction projects exclusively (to the exclusion of other window integrated photovoltaic or solar window solutions) where appropriate in the Scandinavian territories of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and also Finland (and for projects outside of these countries by agreement).


Attefallshus AB is currently in its final stage of a directional change intended to coincide with proposed legislative change in Sweden that will adjust the current law permitting micro-homes to be built in Sweden minimal planning permission up to 30m2 (up from 25m2 under the existing Swedish legislation from 2014). As part of this change, Attefallshus will release new micro-home module designs and a new webpage in late Q4, 2019 to promote its new micro-home designs. ClearVue’s window integrated photovoltaics will be included into these new designs as an optional upgrade for each new-design micro- home.[ii]


Attefallshus AB was founded by Niklas Madden, a recognised market leader in the mini-home movement in Sweden and surrounding countries. Mr Madden is an entrepreneur and inventor who has been operating within the housing industry since 2004. He has also in his past established several international media companies and worked with some of the most recognisable brands in the world. 


Niklas Madden is also the founder of, a planetary restoration program with its main objectives to save Earth and reverse the effects of climate change and human impacts on global ecosystems. A large component of the ecOrigo mission will be education including education on the options for solutions on how these problems can be solved - ClearVue PV and the Attefallshus micro-homes playing an important part among other solutions.


En bild som visar träd, byggnad, utomhus, gräs

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Swedens first attefallshus with a basement. Built 2014 in Gothenburg, Sweden.


En bild som visar träd, utomhus, himmel, byggnad

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Attefalls® 25kvadrat Liv built 2015, Särö Sweden



 En bild som visar himmel, träd, utomhus, stängsel

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Attefalls® Epic Wave 3 Custom built 2016, Frölunda Sweden


En bild som visar himmel, utomhus, mark, träd

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 En bild som visar utomhus, mark, himmel, träd

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Ongoing Attefalls® project in Mellbystrand, Sweden.

Rev ASX Announcement - Attefallshus - 200819 (clean)_PRcom-007

En bild som visar byggnad

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Attefalls® new module CO2MPACT. Presented at the Bostongreenfest event.

The Attefallshus mini-home products were showcased at the Boston GreenFest Event held over 16-18 August 2019 as referred to in the Company’s 14 August Announcement (for more information see:


Commenting on the commercial collaboration with ClearVue, Attefallshus CEO Mr Niklas Madden, has said;


We are both honored and excited to sign this Collaboration Agreement with ClearVue and see a huge potential for implementation of ClearVue PV`s products into our already smart micro-homes.


Micro homes, or commonly ‘Attefalshus in Sweden, are very small homes that are typically no greater than 25m2 (soon to be 30 m2) and have limited space for traditional roof-based solar PV especially as many micro-home designs will often incorporate a rooftop terrace including many of our own designs – surface real estate for PV being at an absolute premium.


Whilst the power demands from these homes are typically considerably smaller than larger more traditional homes we would expect that the ClearVue product when deployed into these homes would typically also be used in conjunction with traditional PV to maximise power generation opportunities.


However, of particular interest to us is the ability to locally power features integrated into and at the windows – this potentially means reduced installation time and costs for our projects. By deploying self-powered glass modules that include automated blinds, electrochromic switchable glass, cameras, security systems, smart home systems etcetera, all at the window minimises the need for later fit-out and inclusion of these features that are more frequently being specified for this style of development.


The ClearVue product is also ideally suited to the micro-home application because the ClearVue product design is typically triple or double glazed - which is the expectation for Scandinavia and the Northern European market. Additionally, these multi-glazed designs also provide fantastic sound-proofing properties that benefit the property owner – a quiet environment being essential when you are living in such a small space.


Commenting on the collaboration with Attefallshus, ClearVue Executive Chairman Victor Rosenberg has said:


Mr Madden is a thought leader in the micro homes movement, and the Attefallshus team are one of the leading micro-homes development groups in Europe


We are very much looking forward to collaborating with the Attefallshus team to deploy the ClearVue products into Attefallshus’ micro-home projects in Scandinavia (and elsewhere) and to demonstrating how the ClearVue PV product when integrated with locally powered smart façade solutions makes sense.


Working with Attefallshus will also be our first foray into the Scandinavian market and so we are very much looking forward to exploration of this new market.


We look forward to updating the market on how our collaboration with Attefallshus moves ahead, and to when and where Attefallshus’ micro-homes projects that incorporate the ClearVue product are rolled out.




For further information, please contact:


ClearVue Technologies Limited

Victor Rosenberg

Executive Chairman

ClearVue Technologies Limited


P: +61 8 9482 0500


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Chapter One Advisors


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About ClearVue Technologies Limited


ClearVue Technologies Limited (ASX: CPV) is an Australian technology company that operates in the Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BPIV) sector which involves the integration of solar technology into building surfaces, specifically glass and building façades, to provide renewable energy. ClearVue has developed advanced glass technology that aims to preserve glass transparency to maintain building aesthetics whilst generating electricity.


Solar PV cells are incorporated around the edges of an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) used in windows and the lamination interlayer between the glass in the IGU incorporates ClearVue’s patented proprietary nano and micro particles, as well as its spectrally selective coating on the rear external surface of the IGU.


ClearVue’s window technology has application for use in the building and construction and agricultural industries (amongst others).


ClearVue has worked closely with leading experts from the Electron Science Research Institute, Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, Western Australia to develop the technology.


To learn more please visit:


About Attefallshus AB



Attefallshus has been operating since early 2014 when a new building code was introduced into the Swedish market. The new law introduced by Stefan Attefals, the Swedish minister for housing at the time became the basis for our name and trademark. Since 2014, Attefallshus AB with its registered trademark Attefalls® has secured its position as the benchmark in designing and developing micro-homes for the Scandinavian market. A market which is growing into Germany, Austria, Holland, and the United States of America. The company defends its position as a market leader by integrating unique solutions and is constantly striving to implement latest proven technologies and improve on its already superior product. The company will soon release its new product range with new larger modules to coincide with proposed legislative change in Sweden that will adjust the current law permitting micro-homes to be built in Sweden up to 30m2 without requiring planning permission. Additionally, further unique innovations such as Epiqon(Smart automated interior furniture) and Tecolift (integrated elevation application which can lift up an entire house of up to 40 tons) will be integrated and will further separate Attefalls® from its competition.


For more information contact:

Niklas Madden, founder & CEO

Tel: +46 (0)317977100

Skype: attefallshus

Email: ( is soon to be activated)

Web: ( is soon to be activated)


Forward Looking Statements


Statements contained in this release, particularly those regarding possible or assumed future performance, revenue, costs, dividends, production levels or rates, prices or potential growth of ClearVue Technologies Limited, are, or may be, forward looking statements.  Such statements relate to future events and expectations and, as such, involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties.  Actual results and developments may differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements depending on a variety of factors.


[i] variously referred to as “Tiny Homes”, “Mini-Homes”, “Micro-Homes”, “Small-Homes” and in SwedenAttefallshus (named after the Swedish Housing Minister, Stefan Attefall who was responsible for introducing legislation in July 2014 that allowed the creation of micro-houses that do not require normal planning permission where the new build meets certain criteria with the main criteria being a building area of 25m2 or less)

[ii] product sales being subject to any applicable product approvals or certifications required within the relevant territories.


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