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Hapvida Saude (Brazil) trial update


-          HeraBEAT Smart Foetal monitors with cloud support fully deployed and now being utilised in 15 hospitals and clinics across Brazil


-          Solutions now being trialled with ~750 pregnant women - devices being used for regular visits and during labour as a proven alternative to existing high-cost professional infrastructure


-          Discussions progressing on ROI for scaled Phase II via broadened agreement to include HeraCare


7. November 2019 - Medical technology company, HeraMED Limited (ASX:HMD) (“HeraMED” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide the following update on the trial of its HeraBEAT and HeraCARE Pro solution with Hapvida Saude (“Hapvida”). Hapvida is one of Brazil’s largest healthcare providers and hospital owners. The group services over 6.5 million customers nationwide, through a network of approximately 100 hospitals and 1,000 clinics over 11 states.


HeraMED initiated the trial with Hapvida in February 2019 and integrated both its HeraBEAT and HeraCARE Pro cloud support solutions into the group’s hospital system and electronic medical records (EMR) over a four-month period (refer ASX release: 1 July 2019).


Following the integration process, the HeraBEAT and HeraCARE Pro solutions were launched across multiple Hapvida sites (refer ASX release: 28 August 2019). HeraMED advises that both solutions are now fully operational across 15 hospitals and clinics in Hapvida’s network and have been trialled on approximately 750 pregnant women and several thousands of pregnancy monitoring records.


HeraBEAT and HeraCARE are being utilised by Hapvida medical professionals and pregnant women for routine check ups, as well as during the labour. The Company has received ongoing strong positive feedback from, nurses and physicians as well as the technical IT teams and Hapvida management who expressed satisfaction.


The increased expansion and rapid deployment of the trial over 15 sites highlights the value of the Company’s agreement with IntMED (refer ASX release: 2 October 2019), Hapvida’s EMR software developers and  the potential for the solution across large hospital networks and the Company’s ability to scale in a relatively short amount of time. HeraMED remains in ongoing discussions with Hapvida to increase uptake of both the HeraBEAT device and HeraCARE platform across its footprint. The Company will update shareholders as developments materialise.


CEO and Cofounder Mr David Groberman said: “Having progressed from the integration phase to now being operational in 15 individual hospitals and clinics in Hapvida’s network in such a short time frame is a significant achievement for HeraMED.


“The Company has received positive feedback around its solutions from Hapvida’s medical professionals as well as management and we look forward to finalising the trial in the near term. Upon completion, we progress negotiations for a broader roll out of both HeraBEAT and HeraCARE Pro with the group.”


Snapshots of the solutions at fully operational capacity with real time data uploads through IntMED’s software and Hapvida’s EMR are shown below.


HeraMED Limited

CEO and Co-Founder

David Groberman

M: +972-52-6991188



Company Secretary

Stephen Buckley

T: +61 (0)8 6189 1155



Released through: Henry Jordan, Six Degrees Investor Relations, +61 431 271 538


About HeraMED Limited (ASX:HMD):


HeraMED is an innovative medical Data and Technology company leading the digital transformation of prenatal care. HeraMED utilises the digital health ecosystem including clinical home monitoring devices, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data and digital social networking to reshape the Doctor/Patient relationship. The company is revolutionizing the pregnancy experience by empowering personalized, continuous and proactive home monitoring, to deliver better care at a lower cost. Keeping pregnant mothers engaged, informed and well-supported provides reassurance and peace of mind while allowing the healthcare providers to work at their highest levels of ability and enabling early detection of potential risks.


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