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Rainforest: Ukumari Cloud Forest

Rainforest del Ecuador has finalized and registered with the competent authorities of Ecuador, the acquisition of the San Vicente de Cambugán property, with a total area of 9,190.77 Ha.


This property houses the greatest wealth and endemism of species of flora and fauna because it is located within the HOTSPOT of the Tropical Andes.



This forest is part of the spectacled bear's habitat hence the company has named it "Ukumari Cloud Forest", which in the Kichwa language, Ukumari means bear. This important area which will be protected also contributes to carbon capture storing approximately 180 T/Carbon/Ha.



This wildlife reserve is highly threatened by anthropic activities which lead to habitat fragmentation and deforestation. Among the actions that will be carried out in the area are the implementation of sustainable activities working with the communities in the area of direct influence of the property and initiation of the carbon certification process of the area in the consecutive phases established by the company.


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