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Vassete successfully completes phase one of its Mediktv project for Malaysian Ministry fo Health
Vassete successfully completes phase one of its Mediktv project for Malaysian Ministry fo Health

By Vasseti IR
Dated 26 October 2011

Vasseti’s subsidiary completes the roll-out of its broadcast infrastructure at 22 government hospitals & medical facilities within the Klang Valley.

KUALA LUMPUR – OCTOBER 26, 2011 – Vasseti (UK) Plc (Frankfurt: 1VS) announced that its subsidiary, Medic Channel (M) Sdn Bhd has recently completed the deployment of digital broadcast infrastructure at twenty two government hospitals and medical facilities within the Klang Valley, where Kuala Lumpur is located.

MedikTV is a project to establish digital broadcast infrastructure and function as an official broadcast channel for the Malaysian Ministry of Health (“MOH”). The project will have its footprint in all government hospitals and medical facilities throughout Malaysia. The digital telecommunication network infrastructure required for the MedikTV project is provided by Vasseti’s other subsidiaries like V Telecoms and Vasseti Datatech.

Vasseti recently received a shot in the arm when Malaysian government selected MedikTV as a project of national interest and included it in the coveted Government Economic Transformation Project list.

“The government wants to promote greater awareness to the public especially in the area of general health, disease detection and prevention, medicine, medical facilities, health insurance, etc.”, says the executive director of MedikTV, Mr Nazrul Zaman Abdul Kadir. It appears that the best platform to deliver the message and information is at the premise of the hospitals and medical facilities, where patients and visitors are more focused and concerned about health and medical related issues. “We have spent thousands of hours creating and editing digital content for MedikTV and it feels really good now to finally see the project goes live,” he continued.

As the official broadcast channel for MOH, MedikTV is required to broadcast all official events of the Ministry, the Minister’s speeches, health and medical related programs, documentaries, awareness campaigns, etc. It also has its own mobile television crew of journalists and cameramen as well as a digital processing and editing studio.

Mr. Ranjeet Singh Sidhu, President and MD of Vasseti, added, “With the completion of phase one of the MedikTV project, Vasseti can now start collecting advertisement revenues from the advertisers.” It is interesting to note that in this very niche business, Vasseti has managed to capture recurring revenue stream from amongst the world’s biggest spenders in advertising – the medical and pharmaceutical companies.

MedikTV is now at the phase two of the deployment, where it is working to expand its coverage to all government hospitals, clinics, health departments and medical facilities throughout Malaysia.

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About Vasseti

Vasseti (UK) Plc (“Vasseti”) is a large, diversified conglomerate based in Kuala Lumpur. It was recently listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange trading under the Symbol 1VS:GR. It plans to be fully reporting on the Entry Standard Level in October 2011. It is an investment holding company with business interests in the field of network telecommunications, information technology and real estate. Vasseti consists of companies and businesses that were established from as long as fifteen years ago to several new, high growth business ventures it initiated last year. These new businesses were made possible through acquisition of relevant contracts, expertise and/or licenses. Vasseti has its business focus in three (3) core business activities;

1. Network Infrastructure Telco
Owner and operator of fibre-optic telecommunication infrastructure and provision fixed-line network telecommunication infrastructure and services to other Service Providers, Multi National Corporations and other Large Corporations.

2. Network Services
Provision of IP-based services such as fixed-line fibre broadband internet for home (FTTh) and office (FTTo), HDTV based ipTV subscriptions, operation of MedikTV (a medical related ip-broadcast channel operating on advertisement revenue) and other cloud computing services.

3. Property Development
Investment in strategic landed properties with potential for commercial and residential development which can realise/unlock returns from appreciation, sale and rental.

Apart from the above mentioned businesses, there are other supporting businesses which are either in the early stage of development or in its infancy such as the engineering, plantation, HR services, security services, fleet management, office automation business and private jet charter services. Vasseti’s three main divisions which are telecommunications (“Telco”), information and communication technology (“ICT”) services, and real estate are represented by the following subsidiaries:

About Vasseti’s key subsidiaries

V TELECOMS BERHAD (“VTEL”) is a Licensed Network Infrastructure Telco, owns cross-border fibre-optic network and conducts wholesale (B2B) telecommunication business. VTEL undertakes Network Infrastructure Telco business in Malaysia. It own triple DWDM Network Transmission Trunk infrastructure routes from North to South Peninsular Malaysia – each with a carrying capacity of up to 320Gbps. It is now in the final stage of developing a 2,000km Coastal Network Infrastructure, which will host about 45 Internet Stations, 4 Submarine-Cable Landing Stations, 5 Border Gateway Data Centres and will be linked to other network operators and data centres in the country. The Coastal Network will have an initial carrying capacity of 1Tbps which can be upgraded to 8Tbps, depending on the demand. It is one of the three fixed line data providers in Malaysia apart from the incumbents Telekom Malaysia and Time Dotcom. It is in an industry with total market size of RM6bil as at Dec 2010 and with a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 22%. V Telecoms is aspiring to command a mere 5% of the enlarged 2015 market share, with revenue of RM800mil and earnings of appx RM500mil.

VASSETI DATATECH BERHAD (“VDT”) is a Licensed Network, Internet and Application Services Provider with interest in Retail (B2C) Network Service business. VDT undertakes Network Services business and is licensed Internet Service Provider and ipTV Broadcaster in Malaysia. It has recently launched the world’s first broadband internet service using Metro Ethernet based Fibre-To-The-home (FTTH) and Fibre-To-The-office (FTTO) infrastructure offering 1Gbps capacity for residential and 100Mbps capacity for commercial customers. These services are offered within the greater Klang Valley area and will soon be offered at other major cities in Malaysia. It has also been awarded an exclusive contract from the Ministry of Health to spearhead the development and operations of a medical broadcast channel (“MedikTV”). Among the world’s largest advertisers, consisting of manufacturers of medical drugs and pharmaceuticals aspiring to supply their products and services to the hospitals and medical facilities in Malaysia, will be required to advertise through MedikTV – which in turn will educate the public of the types of medical drugs and pharmaceuticals used. In addition to the above, VDT is in the midst of implementing its flagship ipTV infrastructure and systems, through which it will launch 300+ High Definition ipTV services to the Malaysian public – on any broadband network.

MEDINA REAL ESTATE BERHAD (“MRE”) is involved in property development business. MRE undertakes investment and development works in strategic landed properties with potential for commercial and residential development which can realise/unlock returns from appreciation, sale and rental. MRE currently owns a 192-acre contemporary 18-hole Golf and Country Resort within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur. It has one of the most appealing back-ground setting with lush green forest interlaced with prominent limestone hill protrusions. On this property, MRE in the process of implementing a high-end condominium development targeted exclusively for the Japanese buyers.

Vasseti intends to further expand its businesses in Malaysia as well as replicate its group business model regionally in the South East Asia (“SEA”) and the Middle East and North Africa (“MENA”) region. Immediately, for the year 2011, the target countries for global business expansion will be Singapore and Thailand.

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