Joachim Brunner MBA

Joachim Brunner


Joachim Brunner started his career in 1990, when he joined VKB Bank as a specialist for shares and options. Alongside his work, he completed his business studies at the SMA in Vienna with an MBA degree and wrote a master thesis on investor relations (German title: "Investor Relations im Zeichen des Shareholder Value") . In 1999, Joachim Brunner founded his company Finanzkommunikation GmbH. Since 2002, he has also held the role of CEO of Portfolio Invest Anlageberatung GmbH, an asset management company based in Salzburg, and is fund manager and advisor of a mutual fund and a large investment fund. In December 2008 he published his first book "Finanzkrise 2008: Wie es dazu kam und mit welchen Folgen wir rechnen müssen".

Mag. Sabine Brunner

Sabine Brunner

Sabine Brunner has been backing up our team since October 2013. After completing her high school diploma at the business academy, she went to university to study business education and then started her career as a bond trader at VKB Bank. After two years, she changed into the treasury department of Allgemeinen Sparkasse OÖ, where she was mainly in charge of trading bonds and derivatives. In 2008 and 2010, respectively, her two sons Markus and Lukas were born and Sabine remained on maternity leave until October 2013 to care for her two boys. Sabine supports our team in bookkeeping/accounting and human resources.

Tamara Faust

Tamara Faust

Tamara has been supporting IRW Press at our Canadian Operations in Vancouver since 2011. In her role as office manager and customer liaison for North America, she performs general office work and is the main contact our customers in Canada and the United States can turn to directly.

Simone Prey

Simone Prey

After completing her apprenticeship in office administration, Simone spent the initial years of her career at the IT company Maintec before joining as executive assistant to the CEO in 2005. From 2008 until 2010 she moved to Vancouver for personal reasons, where she set up our Canadian operations. In May 2010, she returned to Austria and assumed the role of liaison for our IRW-Press customers in North America and Australia. 

Barbara Bauer

Barbara Schmuckermair

Barbara performs administrative tasks including subscription management and invoicing and plans and coordinates internal procedures. After graduating from commercial secondary school, she began working as secretary at Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder in Linz and finally joined the team of in 2006. 

Vanessa Lehner, BA

Vanessa Lehner

Vanessa joined the team in 2019. She started her degree in English and American Studies at the same time and supported the company part-time with general office tasks during her first years. Today, she is a fully-fledged member of the team, using her skills acquired during her studies to contribute to translation, technical, and sometimes even IT-related matters. Her responsibilities mainly encompass the editing and proofreading of texts, customer correspondence and the marginal management of the company’s online presence.



(CRO, Chief Mouser)
Robin joined the team in the autumn of 2015 after completing her training as a relaxation coach with summa cum laude honours at the Cat University of Bookchurch. She has since then made significant contributions to the company in her positions as CRO (Chief Relaxing Officer) and Chief Mouser. Her role as CRO includes ensuring a relaxed and balanced office environment for the employees. Thanks to her daily demonstrations of the best yoga exercises, stress in the office is effectively reduced. Additionally, her soothing purr contributes significantly to enhance the overall well-being. As Chief Mouser, she is also responsible for the termination of any and all threats to internal security, such as flies, mice, and grasshoppers.