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CPV to collaborate with sustainability expert on rollout of ClearVue products into commercial projects in US



-          ClearVue signs Collaboration Agreement with AquaGen


-          ClearVue and AquaGen to collaborate on projects in the US to integrate ClearVue technology into AquaGen’s planned microgrid based resilient sustainable village developments, and other projects where commercially appropriate


-          AquaGen has a number of projects in development and providing ClearVue a clear foothold in the US urban infrastructure and agricultural marketplaces


-          AquaGen was founded by Brian Braginton-Smith, a recognised expert in sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy and a key leader in the wider sustainability movement


-          Combined ClearVue/AquaGen technology solution to be showcased formally within the Smart Cities-Smart Communities Pavilion at the Boston GreenFest Event 16-18 August 2019


14 August 2019: Smart building materials company ClearVue Technologies Limited (ASX:CPV) (“ClearVue” or “the Company”) has reached a key milestone in the commercial rollout of its proprietary clear glass PV technology into the US by signing a Collaboration Agreement with prominent US sustainable infrastructure specialist AquaGen Infrastructure Systems Inc. (“AquaGen”). Under the agreement the parties will collaborate together with the intent for AquaGen to integrate the ClearVue technology into all of its planned microgrid-based resilient sustainable village developments, and other projects where appropriate.


In addition, the combined ClearVue and AquaGen technology solution is to be showcased formally within the Smart Cities-Smart Communities Pavilion at the Boston GreenFest Event to be held over 16-18 August 2019 on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway and the Long Wharf: Christopher Columbus Park in the heart of Boston’s Historic Waterfront district (for more information see:


AquaGen was founded by Brian Braginton-Smith, a recognised expert in renewable energy and a key leader in the wider sustainability movement. He is widely regarded as the “visionary” in the establishment of the Cape Wind Project, the first attempt to generate offshore wind power and bring that power to the US. He also has considerable sustainable community infrastructure expertise, which also includes 30 years of experience in the conversion of wastewater into an alternative water resource through advanced membrane separation, now integrated with algae biotechnology as a community agricultural infrastructure solution for enhanced sustainability and resiliency.


Through AquaGen, Mr Braginton-Smith has a number of microgrid based resilient sustainable village developments at the advanced planning stage. These are primarily in the New England and mid-Atlantic area initially, however planning is underway to expand quickly within the continental United States.


Each of the developments, that are designed to achieve a net zero carbon footprint and maximise local economic value through local resource generation, will include the AquaGen Infrastructure Systems based sustainable resiliency infrastructure core, including ClearVue PV equipped solar photosynthetic greenhouses, EV charging stations and other building-integrated solar throughout the built environment.


In addition to the above, AquaGen has been asked to assist with the design of a new 350-unit housing development, a new Science building at Cape Cod Community College and is also advising on a 1500-acre sustainable community project in North Carolina.


Commenting on the commercial collaboration with ClearVue, AquaGen President, Brian Braginton-Smith, said;


“Where we have shown it in the US, the ClearVue technology has received near universal interest from architects and developers alike, who all recognise the need to change our course to save our future.


Since meeting with Victor and the wider ClearVue team and conducting our own technical and commercial evaluation of the ClearVue technology, we have committed that where possible all AquaGen Systems projects will include ClearVue PV.


We have a number of projects in development, potentially representing a significant revenue source to ClearVue and providing ClearVue a clear foothold in the US urban sustainable infrastructure and agricultural marketplaces.


Since finding ClearVue PV two years ago, ClearVue has evolved into an exciting opportunity of synergistic collaboration beyond greenhouse facilities where we started initial discussions and into planned microgrid-based smart, sustainable, resilient communities, 14 of which we have in active development.  


I am honoured to be partnering with ClearVue and Victor Rosenberg - together we are going beyond business in our efforts towards planetary restoration.  ClearVue PV is a breakthrough technology and Victor Rosenberg is a fellow visionary on the clear path to a more sustainable future for our world. 


Boston GreenFest Event


The annual Boston GreenFest event, held each August on the Greenway in the heart of Boston’s Historic Waterfront, sees more than 60,000 people attend. It is widely covered by local and national renewable press and new media.



US Senator Markey and other sponsors of the Green New Deal will be launching the events along with Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, the man behind fostering the Massachusetts Offshore Wind evolution.  


The new Smart Cities-Smart Communities Pavilion within GreenFest has been created to showcase technologies that allow communities to implement smart community facets into their built environment now, to deal with the increasing threat of global climate change and the requirement for a more survivable, resilient and liveable built environment.


AquaGen and ClearVue have been invited to participate in the pavilion as a key partner and intend to showcase their combined technology solution in the Smart Cities-Smart Communities Pavilion.


Commenting on the collaboration with AquaGen and the Boston GreenFest, ClearVue Executive Chairman Victor Rosenberg has said:

Mr Braginton-Smith is a highly regarded leader and is on the vanguard of the renewable energy and sustainability movement in the US. ClearVue are very honored to be working with him and are very thankful for his strong support to date in pushing our product and technology into the US market. 

We are very much looking forward to collaborating on an at-scale project with him and his team in the near future.

AquaGen’s exposure of the ClearVue product at the upcoming Boston GreenFest is wonderful exposure for the ClearVue product and technology to yet another US based audience. This time, unlike the show we attended in Las Vegas where the audience was architects and engineers the Boston GreenFest is focused on sustainability practitioners and the general public with an interest in renewable energy, sustainability and climate change. 

We look forward to updating the market on how our collaboration moves forward, and also to when and where projects that specify the ClearVue and AquaGen products and technologies together move to contract.




For further information, please contact:

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ClearVue Technologies Limited

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About ClearVue Technologies Limited


ClearVue Technologies Limited (ASX: CPV) is an Australian technology company that operates in the Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BPIV) sector which involves the integration of solar technology into building surfaces, specifically glass and building façades, to provide renewable energy. ClearVue has developed advanced glass technology that aims to preserve glass transparency to maintain building aesthetics whilst generating electricity.


Solar PV cells are incorporated around the edges of an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) used in windows and the lamination interlayer between the glass in the IGU incorporates ClearVue’s patented proprietary nano and micro particles, as well as its spectrally selective coating on the rear external surface of the IGU.


ClearVue’s window technology has application for use in the building and construction and agricultural industries (amongst others).


ClearVue has worked closely with leading experts from the Electron Science Research Institute, Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, Western Australia to develop the technology.


To learn more please visit:


About AquaGen Infrastructure Systems Inc.


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AquaGen Infrastructure Systems Inc. was officially established in 2012 and is involved in providing integrated sustainable community infrastructure that results in the conversion of solid waste and wastewater flows into sustainable alternative resource opportunities for new sustainable building projects.


AquaGen’s technology is the synergistic integration of waste treatment, wastewater recycling, greenhouse agriculture, hydroponics and algae biotechnology into a dynamic and self-sufficient sustainable solution at the forefront of the water-energy-food nexus. The AquaGen solution turns waste and wastewater from a community cost and source of pollution into a platform for community resiliency. The AquaGen system completely eliminates waste, turning it into energy and crops including algae biomass and clear water, suitable for unlimited re-use.


The President and founder of AquaGen, Mr Brian Braginton-Smith has devoted his life to coastal ocean research, environmental science, advocacy and innovation. He was previously the Executive Director of Lewis Bay Research Center in Cape Cod for 22 years and is the current Smart Cities, Smart Community Director for the annual Boston GreenFest. 


Water and energy conservation and alternative resource development have been a focus of Mr Braginton-Smith since 1987 when it became apparent to him that our society was in trouble and that water and energy would be resource constrained as a result of human population growth.  Initially Mr Braginton-Smith’s focus was on water and energy conservation via utility demand side management platforms, later focussing on exploration of alternative resource development in water and energy systems.   A large focus being on community wastewater as the logical source for alternative water supplies and wind energy for electricity generation.  Mr Braginton-Smith through an earlier company installed their first wastewater recycling technology in 1992, followed by the introduction of membrane bioreactor-based water recycling to the New England Market.  In 2003 vacuum sewer technology was added.  This provided an integrated comprehensive wastewater recycling system for communities from collection to re-use. 


At around the same time Mr Braginton-Smith’s efforts in offshore wind energy resulted in involvement with the Clinton White House, President’s Council on Sustainable Development and NOAA on offshore renewable resource development in the form of the Ocean Ranch Concept, combining offshore integrated wind, wave energy and open ocean cage based aquaculture.  The project was a demonstrator for the colocation of sustainable fisheries within an offshore windpower site providing synergistic opportunities to generate multiple revenue streams to better carry the increased costs of offshore development.  The Cape Wind project, while ultimately not a huge success due to poor siting explored the boundaries of what is possible.


AquaGen’s work from this time exposed it to the remarkable attributes of marine algae which found their way into the AquaGen system resulting in the utilization of agricultural techniques to treat wastewater to create AquGen’s leading edge solution of today.


For more information contact:

Brian Braginton-Smith

President and Founder

Phone: +1.5082806909




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