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Trivello Acquires Production Assets

Trivello Acquires Production Assets

Calgary, AB - May 8, 2008. Trivello Energy Corp. (“Trivello” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has signed a Purchase and Sale Agreement with Wild River Resources Ltd., a private Oil and Gas company (vendor) based out of Calgary, Alberta to acquire certain assets associated with the Company’s Alexander property.

Under the terms of the Agreement, Trivello’s wholly owned subsidiary DevExco Resources Ltd. (“DevExco”), will acquire all of the vendor’s 40% net Working Interest (WI) in section 7-57-1 W5M for consideration of $55,000. As a result of concluding the formal agreement, DevExco will increase its current ownership of the Alexander property from 60% BPO (Before Pay Out) and 15% APO (After Pay Out) to 90% BPO and 55% APO. This transaction includes the vendor’s P&G rights in the Wabamum as well the rights in the producing 6-7 oil well, the 3-7 disposal well, all equipment currently on the property, including pump jack, flow lines, battery, and flare stack. DevExco will also assume role of Operator from the vendor.

Arndt Roehlig, President of Trivello states: “This transaction marks a milestone for our Company, as we believe the well configuration and tank set up are not optimized properly. Trivello will endeavor to commence an operation to re-work the 6-7-57-1 W5M Wabamum oil well to increase production from the 12 BOPD (Barrels of Oil Per Day) the well produced prior to being shut in due to mechanical failure.”

Concurrently, in order to settle outstanding trade debt of over $85,000 owed to the vendor for past operations, the Company has negotiated shares for debt in the amount of $70,000 at 7.5 cents per share to settle all outstanding debt owed to the vendor effective April 1, 2008.

This transaction is subject to approval from the TSX-V Exchange.

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Arndt Roehlig

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