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Vida Green, Ltd. Announces Growgenix Testing

Vida Green, Ltd.  Announces Growgenix Testing


The Company Starts Testing with Innovative Grow Light Technology Company


3. March. 2014. Salt Lake City, Utah. Vida Green, Ltd. (dual listed on the Deutsche Boerse, Frankfurt and Bermuda Exchanges),  (VDG), a Bermuda publicly listed company that develops and markets green, natural and organic products for diverse industries, today announced that it commenced testing its agriculture growth products with Growgenix.


Growgenix manufactures a patented software-driven, automated LED lighting technology that allows growers to synchronize lights with a plant’s life cycle on a photonic level and manage the light for the complete life cycle from electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablets or a computer.


“We have been working with Growgenix for quite some time and finally reached a point that we could test our green, organic and effective agriculture products with Growgenix’s lighting system in a hydroponic setting. Our green products don’t just feed a plant but rejuvenate its growing system, whether it is soil or water. Our Nano Action products, for example, will improve nutrient availability in the hydroponic setting by increasing the microorganism population that impacts nutrient breakdown and availability,” said John Hopkins, Vida Green’s CEO.


“We use many of the same basic natural food compounds that are used in commercial hydroponic grow houses.  From our research, we believe that  Vida Green’s products will accelerate and improve the breakdown of those food sources into the essential nutrients for our plants,” said Scott Nielson, Growgenix’s Research & Development Vice President. “This increase in nutrient levels will also augment the root system and hopefully result in a 15-25% reduction in grow times for our plants.  That would be a huge economic boost for our industry and could basically be the same as getting a 20% increase in food production.”


“We believe that Growgenix’s lighting system and our unique green products, bundled together, will reduce grow times, without compromising the plant’s natural sugars and nutrient value, and will have a significant commercial application in grow houses around the world.  This same technology can be packaged for smaller consumer applications that could be sold in big box stores such as Home Depot or Lowes,” said Hopkins. “We have always known that our products will reduce grow times for grow houses and consumers, but adding Growgenix lights to our package sets us apart from other companies that supply grow house and home gardening products.”


“We expect the tests to tell us a lot about our products’ specific impact in a hydroponic environment.  Our products are being used in large farming operations and orchards with excellent results. Controlled and definitive testing in commercial farms is challenging. Our products work well and we have been able to reduce grow times but Mother Nature’s uncontrolled variables make it difficult to quantify and qualify the results.  In the Growgenix tests we have full control over everything from light amount, light time and light wave type, as well as control over the plant food levels and watering schedules.  We will be able to validate the impact and project uses and expectations for our customers,” said Randall Waters,  Vida Green’s Director of Sales.


“This current test with Growgenix will allow us to solidify our joint sales and marketing plans and further our joint relationship,” said Hopkins.


About Vida Green


Vida Green, Ltd. is a Bermuda publicly listed company that develops and markets proprietary, synergistic products for the oil and gas and agriculture industries as well as wellness products. The company’s products are safe, natural, and non-toxic and “green” products for industries that often show little concern for the environment but are now feeling the social and governmental need to go "green." The company’s completely green and natural products are proprietary, unique and highly effective innovations to its target markets.


About Growgenix


Growgenix devolps patented LED grow light technology to the agriculture world. The  software-driven LED lighting system allows growers to synchronize the lights with the plant’s life by identifying the specific light needs of plants being grown in dedicated grow rooms. Hydroponically grown plants requiring specialized lighting for growth and bloom stages of life can now achieve a new level of production with less labor management. Automated lighting control now allows growers to manage the complete life cycle of each plant from a personal electronic device, smart phone, tablet or computer with the secure web based software.


Forward Looking Statements


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